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Regency Lolita

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

What is fashion, what is fine arts, and what is Lolita?

Quite honestly, the only commonality that I found in them is that they called each other by names of “pretentious kitsch,” “luxury junk,” and ” that anime thing from Japan too low to be worthily discussed.

To me, they are actually quite similar in that they are simply extensions of self-expression, which readily draws references from the generation each represents. Representation of pop culture, mythology, and generational identity that- believe it or not – consolidate and facilitate consumer behavior.

I suppose then it’s not too far-fetched for me to announce my love for the Lolita culture and Cosplay, while being a handbag designer with a background in the fine arts.

Regency Lolita

Why Regency Lolita?

First and foremost, my favorite author Jane Austen lived through the regency period.

Second, I’m a sucker for spencer coat and muslin. ( I burned quite a few in Milan by accident)

Third, I just don’t see myself as a Gothic Lolita, Classic Lolita, or Sweet Lolita in spite of my profound respect for each one of them.

Fourth, there’s something magical to the empire waist line that accentuates not just the waist, but also highlights the curve of the bosom in a demure sensual way.

Fifth, though regency fashion was inspired by romanticized version of classical Greek and Roman drapery, there’s still a sense of restraint and understated beauty that demand respect.

Sixth, what women in their right mind can resist the allure of stomping in platform wedged boots, while totting a ridiculously ornamented bonnet in silk sashes, lace trim, and beads, flowers, feathers, bow tie, jewels, turban, buttons, and on and on and on.

Seventh, I just like to contribute my own version of Lolita fashion to spice things up a bit. Also to provide an alternative to others lolis with similar taste like me.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to get my Regency Lolita accessories out!!! Then I’ll focus on the apparel.

Little Loli bags and small leather accessories, any ideas?

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